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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why is Foam Dry a good Business Opportunity?

Foam Dry is a Top Rated Carpet Cleaning Process that is Eco Friendly and in High Demand. It only requires a Small Investment compared to other Carpet Cleaning Franchises and can be recuperated quickly, allowing you to increase revenues and profits. Foam Dry is the perfect Business Opportunity for friendly, highly motivated, organized, self disciplined and ambitious individuals that want to take control of their lives, income and future, and want to discover the benefits of Owning their Own Business.

2. What does a Foam Dry membership include?
We want you to be in "Business for Yourself, but not by Yourself". Small Businesses don't have the negotiating power of a large business. Our purchasing volume power and relationships with vendors, allows us to negotiate Special Pricing that we pass along to you. This helps keep overhead costs low, and provides you more profitability. As a member of Foam Dry, you will receive many benefits that a business like yours, cannot negotiate on their own.

The following is a sampling of the Services and Items that members receive:
Wholesale Pricing
Custom Website
Domain Name Registration
 Internet Marketing
. Advice on other Marketing techniques for the industry

The Internet is fast becoming the source where customers go to find everything they need, so our Members receive a Professionally Designed Website to acquire customers. This also helps you get placed on top Internet Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. Each member also receives a City, so we have partnered with USA City Information to build virtual cities to help Promote and Market members Websites. 

3. How will I know how to operate my business?

Foam Dry's Step-By-Step Business Plan will guide you on how to Start and Operate your Business. Our 3 day Training Seminars will show you how to Operate a Successful Business and we will cover everything from Customer Acquisition, Marketing your Business, Carpet Cleaning Training, etc. and you will also receive Phone and Internet support after the initial training. There is no experience required, but it does help to have prior Business Experience. As a member, you can also do this Part-Time, and keep your present job until your business grows large enough to do it Full-Time. Having your own Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity can be very profitable the first year. The initial start-up costs are minimal and the margin of profit can be substantial. 

4. How soon before the hiring of employees? 
This all depends on the population of your area, and the desires you have to expand the business. You should plan on getting help, along with purchasing extra equipment within the first 6 to 12 months of operation. How fast your business expands, depends upon your own personal motivation and determination. Foam Dry wants to see you succeed and we will be with you every step of the way to help build your business.

5. Is Foam Dry a franchise? 
No, Foam Dry is a "Business Opportunity" which offers you Unlimited Income Potential. Franchises will demand a percentage of your sales for the duration of your business and you will find yourself within a certain geographical area. 

6. How can I find out what areas are available?
Each area is based on a population of 100,000 people. To know if there is a location available in your area, call (951) 234-7850. 

7. What is the total cost of Foam Dry's Carpet Cleaning package and is there financing available?
Foam Dry's turn key system is an affordable $24,999. We do not offer financing at this time, we suggest you contact your local bank for financing. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

8. What kind of vehicle will I need to operate my Carpet Cleaning Business?
The Foam Dry system is light weight, portable, and free of any hoses, so you will not need to buy a Large Van. Our system is set up for a Small Van, Truck or SUV, which will save you money and gas. 

9. How does the Foam Dry process compare to all other competitors? 
The Circular Dry Foam Process is Rated Superior by an Independent Consumer Report over Steam Cleaning, Chemical Dry and other Shampoo Processes. 

10. How much will I earn?
The amount of profit a Business Owner can expect; depends on several factors, such as your motivation, organization skills, customer relations, and willingness to invest your time and effort. 

11. What consist of a territory?
Foam Dry allows multiple memberships into an area based on the population. There is one Foam Dry membership available for every 100,000 people. Our territories were developed to make sure there is proper market penetration, not saturation.

12. Can I join Foam Dry if I already own a Carpet Cleaning Business?
Yes. You are welcome to utilize our process and receive our member support.

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